5 Kissing Styles Philematologists Hate!

Hi. My name is Wilmaryad.

I'm a philematologist.

Philematology studies chemicals the brain releases during kissing. Mainly the cuddle hormone called: Oxytocin.

While your dance moves preview your lovemaking acumen, your kissing style hints at your romantic potential.

If you fail to impress on a first date, how well you kiss can save the night!

So, let's reverse-psychology it for aspiring Oxytocin swappers.

Let's describe what good kissing isn't!

Love a Dick for His Dick?

He's insensitive, shallow and fucking charming!

He'd jump a paraplegic if a paraplegic moved.

You chew bricks when he chews your nether ... lands!

He nectars all over you and never calls.

In other words, he's ...

A certified, state-licensed, practicing dick.

You know he's bad for you and must stop him.

Yet, he has a gift.

A gift lethal to your oral fixation. A gift he uses to get away with everything. Of his gift he's aware and never-to-the-ever reluctant to share.

True Blood Sexiest Hunk is ...

Twilight fans ...

Admit True Blood has got you beat!

HBO's better-than-the-Sopranos series is the sexiest thing on TV. Thanks to a sexy plot and cast, courtesy of Six Feet Under's mastermind, Alan Ball.

Today. From ten contenders. You'll pick ...

The sexiest True Blood hunk.

Honk a hunk loud'n'clear! (Pics enlarge when clicked)

G-Spot on a Man Stands for His Gut

Problems finding your G-spot?

Forget all theories about its location. And look at your man.

He rubs his when he gets a boner bone!

They say a man's G-Spot is in his rectum. And to arouse him, slide a finger up so that his prostate wall is stimulated.

Unless he thinks it gay.

Wait, you're a gal reading this?