True Blood Sexiest Hunk is ...

Twilight fans, admit True Blood has got you beat!

HBO's better-than-the-Sopranos series is the sexiest thing on TV. Thanks to a sexy plot and cast, courtesy of Six Feet Under's mastermind, Alan Ball.

Today. From ten contenders. You'll pick ...

The sexiest True Blood hunk. 

Honk a hunk loud'n'clear! (Pics enlarge when clicked)

Bill Compton
  • Tenebrous eyes
  • Ice-cap-melting smile
  • Impressive lower back moves
  • Genuinely loves Sookie

  • Aqua eyes
  • Luscious lips
  • Latin swagger
  • Nurturing and patient

Jason Stackhouse
  • Insatiable sex on a stick!
  • Unassuming boyish looks
  • Naive trouble magnet
  • Protective of loved ones

  • A body of steel
  • Calvin Klein had to reduce his junk
  • Truly loved Tara

Lafayette Reynolds
  • Puts the F in Fierce!
  • Gay. Out. Proud.
  • Fought against the odds
  • A pro in the kitchen

  • Sam Merlotte's brother
  • A rebellious survivor
  • Hornier than thou
  • Fought like a dog for his folks

Alcide Herveaux
  • Protective
  • Perfect physique
  • Loyal in love
  • Forgiving of erratic love

Sam Merlotte
  • Bedroom gaze
  • Yummy scruff and chest
  • Makes love on billiard tables
  • Redeemed his past

Hoyt Fortenberry
  • Sensitive and humble
  • Loyal and romantic
  • Puppy dog eyes

Eric Northman
  • Dangerously charismatic
  • A Viking bad boy
  • Likes it and does it primal
  • Sacrifices himself for Sookie


  1. I was so distracted that I forgot to open the True Blood hunks ball!
    I have a hard time choosing between Sam Merlotte and werewolf Alcide Herveaux. Can't settle for one, even if my penchant veers more towards Sam. Something about that jawline, that chin, that nose, that hair and that tender gaze! And nothing does it for me more than a bad boy who has mellowed. ,-) Who's your fave????

  2. i would vote off the island Bill, Tommy (darn brat!!!), and Lafayette, unless he ditches the make-up... and i'd keep the rest. one for monday, one for tuesday, one for...
    you get the idea?!?

  3. I have to admit that I have never this show. I've heard plenty about it, but I had no idea that it had so many hunky guys. Do they regularly appear shirtless, or are the shirtless photos just a special bonus for this post? My vote is for Ryan, but Joe is a close second.

  4. I get the idea. :)
    How about Eggs, the one Maryann introduced to Tara, and whom Jason shot in the head? Rumor has it his junk had to be Photoshopped to look "normal' in the Calvin Klein "X" ads. Should we include him in the list even if his character died?

  5. Oh my God, Tina! If there's one show I'd recommend, it's True Blood! The guys are too often naked; you know how vampires' fangs swing both ways. ,-) And shape shifters, as well as werewolves, are always naked before and after transforming. The plot remains interesting, nonetheless, despite flesh distractions. ,-)

  6. I just remembered that you have introduced me to the show! Can't thank you enough for such a delicious addiction, Titi le Bear. xo

  7. Nelsan baby,, def Nelsan. have you surveyed that Picnic Spread.. Have Mercy bring Moscato cause it's gonna be a funky good time !!!
    Loves IT !

  8. Hey nowww Leave Nelsan Alone he has flava baby !

  9. oooo and Alex Scarsgarde.. Lawd Have Mercy, Stand Back and pass the hot sauce. that boy should be holding a chicken wing cause he is one hot appetizer. and I'm a chica so I can imagine how he plays out in the male to male set. Whooo Hoooo, I'll even take the leftovers off that plate. let him know he can sacrafice himself for a Real Woman all 180lbs of Hot Burnin Sexy.. (wink*wink) instead of an orange crush.

  10. Ooooh, gurl! Your come-hitherto dynamics are HAWT! :D
    Nelsan aka Lafayette is cute, indeed. For once, a muscled gay guy with make up on doesn't look weird on TV. Beep, beep, Jerry Springer! ,-) Now, am I the only one who doesn't find Alex Skarsgard hot?

  11. Nelson Ells ... man, there is a hot guy!!!

  12. tommy or alcide.

  13. SO many sexy men but I'd have to say my pick is HOYT.
    The smile, the eyes, .. the innocence. Yummy.

  14. Innocent choice. Here's hoping Hoyt gets some edge in future seasons.
    With Jessica sucking his blood now, chances are he'll eventually turn.

  15. Funny how different he is from his character, eh?

  16. How true! Which shows just how good an actor the dear man is, eh?

  17. Nelson is a good actor, indeed. It doesn't hurt that he has beautiful skin.

  18. Amen! And those gorgeous African features.


  19. I see sir is a fan of chocolate. ,-)

  20. Explains a lot of things, sir with good taste ,-)

  21. Alcide Herveaux is T E R R I F I C , the most sexiest guy in True Blood

  22. I'm trying, but I still can't get into True Blood. Honestly, none of the guys are really doing a thing for me...

  23. Who would consider a True Blood actor sexy on screen after finding true love off screen? ;-)

  24. Eric Northman, it is. Popular, and growing-on-me-because-of-his-help-for-Sookie, choice.

  25. My god, I haven't seen this show, but do they do anything but screw all the time? Cause someone's missing out on a lot of revenue if not. Just from the photos, I'd have to agree with your top two, Wil, though I'd switch them. And throw in the Great Wall of China while you're at it.

    Excellent use of the word 'tenebrous.'

  26. This isn't my own top 10 because, otherwise, Sam Merlotte would be # 1. You haven't heard of True Blood while it takes place in Louisiana? Turn on your TV, grandpa. ,-)

  27. yummy yummy yummy! is this the Wilmaryad autumn sales? May I have a bit of each and everyone, please? Oops, sorry, forgot that I'm as good as married. Darn! I'll have to do it museum-style, sigh: have a look but don't touch. And I will have to look out for the series, ab-so-bloody-sucking-lu-tely! You made my (rainy November) Sunday, Wil!

  28. This is the autumn sales, indeed, dear Dieter. I was told my blog wasn't gay enough. So ... ta-dah! Lucky I didn't post photos of these guys' derrières; you would've gone nuts. ,-)

    You can watch every episode of the series online, for free, on this link (links to the previous two seasons are on the sidebar, in case you'd want to watch from episode one):

    Happy Sunday!

  29. IndependentQueenJan 16, 2012, 2:55:00 PM

    Ryan Kwanten please!

  30. I have never watched 'True Blood,' and these hunks on this show!? OMG what have I been missing!? I never get to watch Tv very much, missing out on all of the good stuffs! Ok, I narrowed it down between Alexander and Ryan? Too hard to choose...which did you pick?

  31. Ma'am likes 'em young, dumb and full of c*m. Good choice!

  32. 0.0 they look too fierce for me to handle! Going now to check out the link :3

    giggety, giggety goo. awwright.

  33. Loving your new blog lay out! Literally a feast for the eyes :D

  34. The Fitness DivaJan 16, 2012, 2:55:00 PM

    Omg, they have all THESE good looking men on ONE show?
    The heavens have definitely opened up! lol!!!

    Well, you know from reading my blog which ones I like! Those muscle men...haaaa.... yeah, I'm SO predictable on the eye candy tip.
    That Joe Manga...whatever, me likey those Italianos, Alex Skargaraaaaa..... is that Swedish? lol... and the cutie Ryan Kwanten.... yep. Those would be who I cast my ballots for.
    And gay, straight or in between, they could all get a spot of my wall of fame!
    Nice and yummy post, Wilmaryad! I need to start watching True Blood! I had no idea there was so much talent on that show! ;)

  35. You are missing out big time, girl!

    So, you go for the Italiano, the Swede and the South African? Eclectic and smart selection, ma'am. Want a shake with that sugar? ,-)

    I got the hots for Sam Trammell! Now that he's embraced his darker side, i.e. banging Tara like there's no tomorrow ... GOD HELP ME!

    The talent on True Blood is often out there, in our face, so jump on the True Blood wagon, diva. You won't regret it! ,-)

  36. They may be fierce, but both are protective cuddle monsters! :)
    I suggest you make some free time for True Blood, as it's better to start by watching episode 1 of season 1. I'm sure you'll be hooked, so only watch when you have nothing to do! :p

  37. Alexander is everybody's favorite, especially most of the gays! My favorite is Sam Trammell. Second favorite is Joe Manganiello. Those two make me buckle.

    It's on HBO, every Sunday night. But you can watch it online for free here: (Links to season 1 and 2 are on the sidebar)

  38. Ha, an Eric lover! The True Blood norm is, finally, speaking! :D

  39. sure, why not!!
    now, i got to go on my queer blog to see that ad again...

  40. Mehcad Brooks added. His character's death was why I hadn't included him. Those photographers at Calvin Klein's must set their cameras on automatic. I'm sure many of them have shaky hands during the shoots. And who wouldn't? ,-)

  41. I know, right? Nah, I've heard of it, but we don't own TV . . . it's expensive over here! Got to see if it's on Hulu. Man, the gay ones are all closeted, but there's something about Louisiana boys . . .

  42. I would have gone with Alcide but the picture of Hoyt made me happy in pants!

  43. I was told my blog wasn't gay enough, so I gayed it up! :p

  44. I have a hunk du jour for you: . Better than yours, I think :) je blague

  45. hey wilmer,
    I love the series!Nice to see this post ;)
    I was really hapy to see Joe Manganielleo here .
    back to work right take care !

  46. O Giorgos einai gamatos!!!!

  47. Ο Γιώργος είναι ο καλύτερος χωρίς αμφιβολία. Μου αρέσει το βίντεο!

  48. No need to seek it on Hulu. I have provided a link to stream watch all episodes for free, a few comments below. It's worth the effort.

  49. See how cute Hoyt looks in that one. I think he's the only actor in the series whose character resembles a lot. Cuddly choice!

  50. Hey you. I had no idea you were a fan.
    Joe is steamy, indeed. But you know what they say about most muscled guys.
    Don't overwork yourself, Dorothy!

  51. Look who's here!
    That guy's cute, but too perfectly symmetrical for my liking. ,-)

  52. Yeah, Will, I see what you mean. His attractiveness does seem to have a strong functional dependence on his hair. I looked at other photos of him with different hair styles and, hmmmm.... But hey,

    if he had a brain,
    I'd definitely be game!

    I'm not sure if he does, though, but one can dream. In any case, I think I'd rather have a real guy than a hunk. A+ mon ami!

  53. Ive read most of the books, but havent seen the show........i did watch about 5 minutes of the show on Youtube and it seemed like i was watching a comedy.

    Ive been told the show is like watching soft porn, and i can see from the books how it could be like that slightly

    Im gonna have to choose Ryan Kwanten as he is an Aussie hehe

  54. True Blood has just started getting comedic. The first 2 seasons were quite intense. I haven't read the books, but I heard that the series freely diverts from the written plot.

    For some reason, I thought Ryan Kwanten was South African.

  55. Hair style does change a face.
    Brains? That guy was singing into a light bulb, after all.

    I surprise even myself by going for the atypical-looking guy, but I find men with non cookie-cutter, GQ model-y physical traits endearing. Such men are usually humble and kind, too.

    But brainy hunks do exist.
    Best if they suspect they're neither. ,-)

  56. There all hot in their own way! However, I have to say that HOYT takes the cake for me!!! I believe its all about the innocents of his character. I can imagine it now...

    Its a naive love affair where the two of us have fallen for each other and neither of us are aware of it yet. We would be very polite to each other and always trying to make sure that the other one is first.

    We would be very gentlemen like in nature and actions. It would be love without saying it. It would be Love without touching each other - its the most romantic of love affairs

  57. Hoyt has a thing for red heads who suck his blood to feed. Time to get a red hair dye, skinny.

  58. A friend of mine watches the show and we were talking about it one day and i was asking her about the show and yep there are somethings in the show that arent in the books............but then it is a television show and i guess you have to add things to a show that you wouldnt be in the book or people wouldnt understand

    The part i saw was when Sookie meets Bill the first time and the character Sookie is a bit more silly and acts as if she needs a guy to help her, she didnt come across that way as much in the book

  59. Wil-- thanks! It's not on Hulu and I was thinking I'd have to Netflix it, which can get a bit agonizing . . . instant gratification! Too cool.

  60. True Blood, the series, is full of gay metaphors. Vampires' yearning for equality and their bad reputation are only two examples. Sookie needed Vampire Bill as much he needed her.

  61. Since we don't have HBO here, and I don't watch TV, I had to find somewhere to watch my addiction. Glad the link helped.

  62. Been watching the series lately (at last) and I must declare: I'm a fan! Nothing to do with that open-mouthed-forever-sulking-never-decided-stupid-girl-hidden-publicity-for-Mormons-saga called 'Twilight'! And the hunks... never seen so many nude bottoms in one TV-show. Decision about fav hunk stil pending, btw... Kisses from boooooring work D.

  63. Hooray, hooray!
    Twilight is now used to torture prisoners at Guantanamo.
    Let's pray the yummy-looking butts help you choose a hunk!
    XOXO from LaLa Land

  64. Too many gorgeous men!!! I'll take me some Eric Northman...fucking amazing!


  66. CTMontréal: The True Blood Sexiest Hunk Is... FARID ;-D

  67. CTMONtréal: And now that we've officially settled on Farid, can we see some new content on here. Pretty please?!?!?! Your fans haven't forgotten you and still need you :)