Death of a Blogger

If a blogger dies ...

How are his blogging friends to know of his death?

Forget science's immortality aspirations, as death is inevitable.

Often feared and maligned, death is simply the epitome of a life.

It's the only thing that sees no color, no creed, no age and no social class. As such, we all sooner or later get to meet it.

And what a relief that day will be!

As bloggers, we're not immune to the coffin treatment. While the death of technology is a reason our blogs would cease existing, we could always resort back to snail mail.

But how to remedy the death of the masterminds behind blogs?

Have you thought of your blog's future in case of your passing?

Do you have a post scheduled 5 years from now?

Got someone to perpetuate your blogacy?

I hope you have someone to inform me of your death. I got no one. But you know I must have died if my blog's design looks the same for more than 3 months.

Now, let's discuss your blog's will, shall we? kenyit


  1. UGH and my comment disappeared again...UGH your blog really hates my ass T_T

  2. Lord knows my blog has come close to death a few I have even considered the demise of my blog here and there, but, I have never given THAT a thought. I need to ponder this......hmmmmmmmm !!!!

  3. only my sister knows what to do, in case i... errr... (creepy!) die! i intend to keep my blog as long as i can. i want my kids to read about me, my thoughts and my randomness. oh, well... :]

    how about you, darling? :)

  4. @Yuuhi: What is exactly the problem, W?

  5. @Angelo: You certainly don't need extra thinking with all the things your head has to juggle, my briend. But writing a blogging will is something to consider. :)

  6. @i_wander: Leaving your blog as legacy to your kids does sound like a constructive idea. Having your sister know what to do is handy, too.

    I don't know who would inform you of my passing. Mom doesn't know how to use a computer, and she might unearth and slap me back to life, to kill me again, if she ever finds out the meaning of this very blog's title. heh!

  7. @Willy: that was my second commnet :( the first one was sweet and witty lol

  8. Creepy. I've been wondering about similar lines of thought. How would FB friends, email acquantices, and Faithful Readers know? Think I'm going to come up with a journal of nothing but passwords so whoever is around can log in and post a final farewell...

  9. @im24: I don't know why your first comment did go through.

  10. correction - Didn't go through

  11. @Andrea: Doesn't sound like a bad idea at all.

  12. coincidentally, the thought has occur quite often for the last few months in my case, as i come across various blogs, and in some case, inactive for over a year, or more...
    has the author become desinterested with his blogging venture? then why not delete it entirely?
    or has something happened to the author, leaving everything at a stand still?!?
    personally, i have no one to leave this to, no family to speak of, no kids, you know... i sometimes feel i exist more in the virtual life than in the real world. which may explain the many blogs i carry and the time investment. is it a way to validate my own existence? would this remain as the archives of my life in the blogosphere? some legacy, eh?!?
    still, i enjoy what i do. i only wish more people would partake into this, but that's a reflection of my needs in real life. i don't open up easily "out there", being somewhat of an hermite. i don't hate people. quite the contrary. but i've seen already a lot in my lifetime and i've learned to be cautious. over cautious perhaps, in some cases. so, here is where i open up, show my anger, my silliness, my lust, my concerns, my passion, without a sense of inhibition.

    this awareness of my ephemerity was made more acute by "janelle". you know who i speak of. that australian woman and the ordeal she's been through, especially lately. she's bouncing back from her coma, but she still got cancer. the war is not over. so, her every silence causes me worries that...she might have "gone". i've grown a liking for this person, and the thought that she could...vanish, without a proper goodbye, makes me sad.

    given my single status, and an only child, i fear i may vanish just the same way, leaving no trace. and hasn't this been the wish of every man since we first became self-aware, to leave something of ourselves in this world that will outlast us? it is not a matter of ego or vanity, but simply a grasp at immortality, oh mortals that we are!!

    alright! it's getting late and i need to get to sleep as i now have to get up for work in exactly four hours and a half... oh joy!!!

    and i need to stop my rambling....


  13. LOL! my dear, if i am your mother --- i would blog about you as soon as i find out! on another note, my blog isn't ALL that i am... i am many things. and there are some that i can't write about. my inner demons and the other side of me. people would hate me, for sure if they'll learn what i am made of. my past, my thoughts and all the things that i've done. aaargh! i sometimes feel ashamed whenever i think about it. but i don't understand why i sometimes feel the need to write them down and share to millions of people.. might be wasted if not heard or read. aaaaaw, i'm a freak! :)

  14. @Ticklebear: You made me tear up for a sec, there. HUGS!

    I'm going to plot with the universe against you so that, by March/April, the man of beyond your wildest dreams will show up right on your doorway, like Nino in Amelie Poulain.

    Then, I'll make sure you grow to trust him enough to give him the password to your different blogs. In so doing, I'll make sure there's an "in-case" hunk to inform us of your wedding ;)

  15. @i_wander: Hi freaky lady who makes nice hats ;)

    What's wrong with being hated for who you are? Your present is only the gravestone of your past, so to hell with the haters!

    I, personally, like to amuse you, the people who have become like (blogging) family. The rest will have to buy me a MAC laptop to be considered. Nah, kidding. A castle in Switzerland should do. ;)

  16. Interesting query... I haven't thought about this very much, though it certainly has been on my radar when stumble across a blog that has been abandoned months or years ago... what happened to that person? Bored? Busy? Dead? hmmm...

  17. @Brahm: Howdy, man with the cool blog. ;) Is Alfie the one to notify your readers and online friends of your passing?

  18. you are really amusing! i almost fell off my seat when i read your reply! ~endless hahahahahaha!!!~

    but you know, my haters never stops. i've been a victim of online stalking. the funny part is i know who's doing it and yet they won't fight fair! cowards! so many times, my photos have been copied and edited and made fun of! i'll post it soon just so you'll know why i am covering half of my face on my posts. i'm itching to show the world who i am but because of the trauma -- i can't! grrrr! and i know, even though it's been years, they are just lurking around me and my family. losers! really big time!

    oh well... i'll just post it one day. or might open a new blog that is exclusive for us only! :)

  19. BTW luv, the paper you helped me write got 99 out of 100 points. I goofed up by putting on a cover sheet which is SO APA not MLA.

  20. @i_wander: I'm sorry you had to go through that, my friend! I totally understand how problematic posting one's photos online can be, especially on a blog with personal opinions.

    Oh well, we'll have to eventually communicate outside of our respective blogs, at some point, anyways. Certain things can't be shown on here, like a face. ;)

  21. @Andrea: Congrats! :) 99 is practically 100 in my book. Told ya you got skill!

  22. Funny that you posted this, as I was thinking about this same subject a few weeks ago and was going to post about it. But you know how you get these ideas for a post when your like in the car or at the mall. Then by the time you get home you lost the thought all together.

    This is a great subject and I hate to say it, but some bloggers post so rarely, we would never know if they were gone or not. Perhaps we should all have a final post and keep rescheduling it until the day we can no longer update it. Bam there is our obit already to go.....

  23. @ ManOverBoard: You should write about as I am sure you'll approach the subject from an angle I overlooked. :)

    Rescheduling a final post sounds like a smart idea! I'm thinking a kind of obituary ...

  24. I've often wondered when a blog I've been reading goes quiet, or someone I've talked to on msn alot never comes back... what's happened? Will they ever come back? How would I know if something had happened to them?

    The reality is - I wouldn't know. I have no way of knowing. I think about that sometimes, how I should figure out a way to get someone to email my closest friends online. There are people I met and people I haven't, people I've known for close to ten years, that would never know if I died.

    I guess I just think "I'll have to do that sometime", but by then it might be too late. I think I should make a "if this post pops up it probably means I'm dead" post set for one year into the future... and tell all my online buddies to check my blog if they haven't seen me for a while. Would hate them wondering what happened to me, as I have wondered about others.. thanks for the tip! :)

  25. @ apples: You know that many MSN contacts usually disappear because their contacts failed to meet their expectations, right? So, while they want people to believe they're busy, we all know they're just invisible or using another account. ;-)

    What if we scheduled a blog a year from now but died the same night we wrote it? LOL

  26. I hadn't given it much thought mainly because I don't think I'd be missed. Yeah, sad, I know, but I've not long started blogging and so haven't yet acquired 'attachments' :)

    That said, I have thought of passing my blogs on to my kids at some stage, if they should ever be interested in continuing the narrative of whatever I'd started and which they're a part of. But it wasn't prompted by thoughts of 'blogger death', more 'Mum's gift'.

  27. @ Thought Bubble Ten: Leaving your blogacy to your kids as a gift sounds like an interesting idea. I just hope they have writing styles as fun as their prolific mother's own. ;-)

    You got a new follower. :-)

  28. I appreciate your support! I shall be prolific and pragmatic (to cover all bases :)).

  29. @ Thought Bubble Ten: Support in your case is only natural. Coolies, cause I'll be reading. :)

  30. In Bombay, recently, a guy left his email accounts, passwords, internet foot prints everything to his sons in his will :)

  31. @ flygye12: That is very practical of the father. This proves the content of a will will have changed in a few years. :)