A December Ago - Poem

A Decembers ago ...

I wrote this poem.

A month I link to heartache.

It, thus, befits this December.

Even if this year differs.

I won't go on a quest to find romance again.

My veteran heart needs recuperation from one more jihad too many in the name of love.

A December ago, love's eyes bled
The mind's sanity fled
An ocean of tears the heart shed
And with grief, the soul wed.

A December ago, my body lost all might
My faith in men took fright
Clairvoyance lost its stitched sight
And my sunny kingdom met its twilight.

A December ago, I finally understood
I shall be hanged in the nude
On a crucifix of burning wood
For loving a heart so cruel and crude.

A December ago, December begged January
For a restful and calmer February
For heartaches in winter have become customary
Within the walls of my murky sanctuary.

A December ago, December forgot to forget
Only sorrow does sorrow beget
For another December's come to be beset
By a one-way memory lane of bitter regret.


  1. well-written, evocative. it speaks to me. not as wretched as what i used to write as i focused on the details of my demise...
    i know christians don't have the monopole of the cross symbol, but i find it odd that you opted for that, though the image works.

  2. BTW: love how you've cleaned up the place. it allows your readers to really focus on the writing. but knowing you, it'll change again. just know this: the one-column works for you.

  3. Thank you, my Ticklebear! I'd really like to read your poems. Maybe you should consider posting some?

    My first "test" blog was entitled "The Crucified Crucible". I feel that if I come out, crucifixion is what awaits me, even if it's in a metaphoric sense.

    I doubt I'll inflict the current design with a dramatic change. Je pense que de ce côté là, il est temps que je me foute la paix, une fois pour toute. :)

  4. http://lafutiliteedesjours.blogspot.com/2008/11/reflection.html



    you asked for it!!

  5. Ticklebear,

    Impressive poetic expression! I like melancholic tortured souls seeking the light through words. Words in French have much more gravity, too.

    Who needs a shrink, eh? ;-)

  6. thanks!!
    here's a link about a topic we share:


    i think he wrote it well, even if i have a different point of view about it.

  7. Oh my Lord, that is a haunting poem right there, Ticklebear! Deep emotions translated into simple words. Love Love Love it! Thank you for sharing!

  8. GAG,سلام

    Very nice! and what is life without a little bitter sweet chocolate helping the mood of the mind or heart!

    -always, توني

  9. Howdy Tony. I am glad you liked. I need to date a dentist for all the chocolate I've been eating and drinking, lately. :)

  10. Wow... I don't know what to say... je cherche mes mots pour dire que malheureusement, la souffrance brings out the best of one's heart.

    Une fois la poussière retombée, bien sur.

    Très touchant.

  11. Ah j'oubliais, I love this picture!
    And your new layout!


  12. Thank you, Simon. Need an exorcism? ;)

  13. Merci, Lucrecia! C'est bien gentil à toi.

    In her last interview, Maria Callas, a source of intrigue to me, said "It seems that music, as every major Art, was born from distress, or from poverty or from [physical] pain."

    Glad you like the new layout, too. :)

  14. I didn't realize that poetry was part of your list of writing talents. Absolutely beautiful, but so sad. You should definitely post more poems.

  15. Sounds a lot like my April two years ago! Couldn't have said it better myself -- except for the bitter regret thing, every day I feel more and more confident I did the right thing.

  16. Tina,

    How generous of you to say! I have recently found a few poems I wrote back when I was a college sophomore. I bet some will land on here. :)

  17. Patrick,

    I hear you. It's only recently that I have started to feel relieved things didn't work out, because the way things ended spoke volumes about the guys who ended them.

    Happy to see you have stopped by :)

  18. it's just so amazing how you were able to express yourself! lovely!

  19. Thank you, i_wander. It's so good to have you back on here. I hope all is well :)

  20. I know many people tend to find love at the beginning of new year but it is not advisable as many mistakes are made while attempting it.

  21. Vinay Rai,

    What you say makes sense. I, for one, had found love at the beginning of the new year, last year. I can't say I'm looking forward to going through the same experience again this year, though. :D

    As everyday goes by, I believe more in more in not "attempting" to find love; I leave it up to destiny from now on.

  22. Exorcism.... hmmm sounds interesting ;)))))))

  23. Kyivite,

    This is only the beginning ;)

  24. "In her last interview, Maria Callas, a source of intrigue to me, said "It seems that music, as every major Art, was born from distress, or from poverty or from [physical] pain."

    This statement is riveting, and resonates thru me like a silver dagger...
    I wholeheartedly agree. Matthew

  25. I failed to mention; I enjoyed your poem very much. I just love the power of words, even just one stand alone word. Again, you are an eloquent writer, and exude much from within !!! Matthew

  26. @Matthew: I like how you peruse every word written and every image every word evokes. That makes you MY kind of reader! :)

  27. (smiling) That is the beauty of reading well-written words. Your choice of words; placement of words is what mesmerizes me. You import sincere emotion as well, and by that... I am so captivated. I applaud your talent.

  28. @Matthew: This is a testimony in which I will forever take pride. Thank you. :) Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season!

  29. dani we have tallk on msn walah to be honest i like all what u write .and i like the way u think .i will not tallk about love becasue i think u know more .i wont ask u to say hi because you already did with ur words .somtimes words are not enughe to tell what the persone feel.but i think u already did't .their is a miracel called love .we dont know when it happen or when it starts but the happines alwyse bring for us the love we need wish for u the best

  30. @ Dani: I am surprised you read love in this poem because the inspiration behind it was quite the opposite. Why not, though?!?

    Love is the greatest illusion of all time - one we have been taught to chase like it was the holy grail. But just like the holy grail, real love (not the one repacked by Hollywood and its derived magazines) will never be found.

    Good luck to those who believe in it, though :) Thanks for stopping by.

  31. Comment for the previous comment -

    Real love exists. And it will be found. Don't ever doubt it.

    Actually, you are made of it.

  32. @ Shian: Thank you. That is very nice of you to say ;-)