5 Kissing Styles Philematologists Hate!

Hi. My name is Wilmaryad. And I'm a philematologist.

What's with the big words, huh? Simply put, philematology studies chemicals kissing releases.

You know when a guy is eating your lips and you, suddenly, start having a helluva good time? That's because your brain's panties, literally, get wet.

The main hormone your brain squirts during lip-lock is called Oxytocin.

If you start feeling less nervous around the guy. Safe in his arms. Even bonding quickly as you swap spit? That's Oxytocin. The good news? It feels awesome!

The bad news? Only women experience that rush.

Love a Dick for His Dick?

In other words, a certified, state-licensed, practicing dick.

Yet, he has a gift.

A gift lethal to your oral fixation.

A gift he uses to get away with everything in life.

Of his gift he's aware and never ever reluctant to share.

True Blood Sexiest Hunk is ...

Twilight fans, admit True Blood has got you beat!

HBO's better-than-the-Sopranos series is the sexiest thing on TV. Thanks to a sexy plot and cast, courtesy of Six Feet Under's mastermind, Alan Ball.

Today. From ten contenders. You'll pick ...

The sexiest True Blood hunk. 

Honk a hunk loud'n'clear! (Pics enlarge when clicked)